Come on Haru, you can never have too many cats.


And the last doodle for tonight, mama Levy!! 

I was seriously looking forward to a more in depth development or revelation of her backstory and character but it doesn’t seem to be going that way. :(



All I wanna do during storms is draw rain. And tiny lost penguins I guess.

Okay just kidding, i’m sorry. :’>

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A collection of Rei yelling over things. Taken from the first two drama cds, FrFr! specials, S1, and up to ep3 of S2.  ☆~(ゝڡ ∂)

Dried Up Youthful Fame
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Dried Up Youthful Fame // OLDCODEX // Free! ES OP

Once you’ve met someone, you never really forget them.


headcanon that when makoto’s parents get fed up w how many cats mako has in his room, he’s too soft hearted to just release them into the streets so he just puts them into haru’s house and haru doesnt know where all the cats keep coming from

he’s like, ‘maybe there’s too much mackerel here’

'does my house smell like fish' 

'whats going on'


新鮮な体験とともに | 山石 [pixiv]


There is literally no one else in the world Rei looks at like that.

Love Corrida (ラヴコリーダ)
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love corrida / shishido kavka / kavkanize 


Chapter 394 Reaction Part 1

asdfghjkl!!!! My baby got to fight and Gray got a wicked power up.

Nothing surprisng about this chapter because it was everything everyone was expecting but I’m still so happy!!!!!! When Lucy was going to help Juvia I was getting upset but then everything was okay. And when Juvia “died”, I wanted to be shocked but I knew she wasn’t dead.

I’m going to put a part 2 later to address how it’s not okay to my precious baby cry. 

Also does anyone know why Gray’s dad chose ice magic? Pokemon taught me that ice is weaker than fire. 


hiro mashima: *kills off councils members*
hiro mashima: *poisons laxus, freed, bixlow, and evergreen*
hiro mashima: *has erza go through physical torture*
hiro mashima: *has jellal maim his eyes*
hiro mashima: *has elfman go through mental torture and almost kill lisanna and the guild*
hiro mashima: *almost kills wendy*
hiro mashima: *has lucy break aquarius’ key*
hiro mashima: *has sad backstory for minerva and mirajane*
hiro mashima: *has gray go through his mental trauma of deliora*
hiro mashima: *brings back silver and then kills silver*
hiro mashima: *has juvia go through the emotional pain of killing silver*
hiro mashima: ok this is where the real pain starts